Pick Up Point

Why paying for the postage, if you can buy at Kaaita web shop and than pick up your lovely packages at Bazilika Bistro in Ljubljana? Orders received till Wednesday will be delivered to Bazilika Bistro at Prešernova 15 till Friday. They will be beautifully packaged and happy that they had a chance to visit the place, where nice people are gathering and delicacies smell delicious. Come & pick up the packages. Who knows, maybe you will bump in to Darja or Alenka, and you’ll have a chance to say a word or two.

While ordering, enter a discount code BAZILIKA on the second step of purchasing process and you won’t have to pay for the postage. It is on us. We can also wrap your orders and make the most beautiful presents out of them. Just let us know in the comments at the end of your purchasing process.

Welcome. Very.

An example where you enter the discount code BAZILIKA: