Manca Jevscek is our second #selfmadewoman to be featured, someone we find quiet yet so brave and inspiring.

She has figured out how to enter those worlds men can’t simply step into. Even sacred ones. She is someone for whom the doors of a monastery are open, even though a woman has not entered it for many years. She is someone who is allowed to get up close and personal with a famous restaurant’s family legacy. So, what’s her secret?

She is a photographer. A food photographer. Not just any, but a top-of-the-line one.



Curiosity is the main reason she loves photography so much. It opens doors that otherwise remain closed.

And food. She has a special relationship with it. Just browse through her food blog. You won’t find any copycat recipes there, only those bearing her signature dishes.

Manca at the Skarucna restaurant, known for its hearthy pieces of meat and wonderful wine. But, of course, Skarucna is so much more than that.

The master of the show is Slavko Zagar Jr. A waiter, cook, entertainer, gardener and interior decorator… 


“Food is so beautiful. It carries memories, personal attributes, and culture capturing a whole range of meanings. That’s why I find it so interesting to photograph it.”

The same goes with her home. It completely resonates with the above quote.


Coffee or tea? Mate Chai please.





"This is Mrki’s favourite pose in the living room. We love to crack and nibble walnuts; even our cats are fond of playing with them, rolling them all over the place. This sheaf of dry grass was picked on Golovec Hill."




“The colour and textures of concrete are insanely beautiful and the process of making a pot of concrete truly thrills me. Pouring concrete feels like baking a cake, yet the result is stone which lasts forever. Magic!"


Kaaita paper bags in a good use :) 





“I love crumbs, food with teeth marks or carrots still with some soil on them. It has to be ‘juicy’, with texture, alive… I take all my photos in natural light.”

I warmly welcome you to check out Manca’s website and there you’ll see how bravely she is walking the talk.


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Monocle: "Ljubljana is a treasure trove of smart, creative and unusual gifts"...

Photo Romina Ivancic

Monocle’s Jamie Waters wrote an article about Ljubljana in the latest issue of the magazine. He perfectly picked out smart, creative and unusual treasure troves in the metropolitan retail scene of Ljubljana. We were so proud to find the following reading: “Monocle was particularly taken with the pastel colored dresses by Mila Vert, slouchy coats by Janja Videc and felt bags and slippers by Kaaita. All three brands are proudly “Made in Slovenia” and their designs can be picked up at Ika (Mila Vert and Kaaita), MAO (Kaaita) and Zoofa (Janja Videc).” Thank you, Monocle! It means a lot since you are our everyday destination and inspiration.

In the following film you will find Ljubljana’s exceptional retail spaces owned by our neighbors & friends featuring in Monocle’s pick for all the presents and stocking-fillers you could ever need.

Monocle about LjubljanaOn the above screenshoot: Cvetličarna Emporia and it's respective owners Jurij Zalokar and Tomaz Smrtnik.


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Buy good things. Make even better things happen.

GOOD AFTERTASTE (‘DOBER PRIOKUS’) is an idea conceived by Alenka and Darja while having a pleasant chat at Bazilika Bistro. What if, every month, Bazilika Bistro were to host creatives who would in their own unique way add to the concept of homely, nice & good. Visitors would have an excellent opportunity to meet them and purchase something they have made. The Bistro would turn into a great socialising hotspot and smell a little different every time.

Darja wouldn’t be Darja if she hadn’t toyed with the idea and quickly added a snack. She will create it every month, with the help of a visiting creative.

You are warmly invited to admire, caress, taste and take home the products of the Kaaita and Bazilika, marked GOOD AFTERTASTE (‘DOBER PRIOKUS’).

Kaaita & Bazilika

Kaaita & Bazilika

Kaaita & Bazilika

Kaaita & Bazilika

Kaaita & Bazilika

Kaaita & Bazilika










Kaaita & Bazilika

To ensure a really GOOD AFTERTASTE, a good share of each purchase will be allocated to finance lunch or school activities of socially disadvantaged children.

A good share of the sales will be donated to the good-hearted, exceptional, voluntary, independent, non-profit and non-political charity society Petka za nasmeh

Kaaita & Bazilika

Kaaita & Bazilika

With Darja we thought a lot about it, conducted some tests, did some cooking and have finally prepared a truly lovely selection.

You are warmly welcomed from December 20th.

Darja, Bazilika
Alenka, Kaaita


Buckwheat flat rounds €4.50 | You donate €1 to children. Oh, thank you.

Buckwheat flat rounds with three dipping sauces €6.50 | You donate €1 to children. A big thanks.

Copa Copa Light €19 | You donate €5 to children. You are really not thinking just about yourself.

Copa Copa Lux €36.55 | You donate €10 to children. How nice of you.

Hendee bag €180 I You donate €50 to children. So thoughtful of you!

* Available only at Bazilika Bistro at 15 Prešernova in Ljubljana.

Kaaita & Bazilika Buckwheat flat rounds

Buckwheat flat rounds with three dipping sauces

Kaaita & Bazilika
Photos: Romina Ivančič.


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The new luxury

We recently had a visit.
Since Ljubljana is this year’s European Green Capital, BMW Group Slovenija organised a trip to showcase some sustainable business cases.

Kaaita was one of those selected.

It is of course an honour and we were glad to host the event.

But to be honest, I was wondering why the organisers picked us, among so many other small, creative, sustainable makers, in the first place.

Thinking about it, I finally found a profound reason. It must be because I am the only red-head running a company :)

Alenka Repič, founder & creative director, Kaaita

Ok, another reason I found is that, for more than a decade now, Kaaita has been quite good at understanding tomorrow’s new luxury consumers and acting so as to satisfy their needs.

What has the new luxury got to do with sustainability, you might ask?

If today’s luxury is about real estate, diamonds, gold, antiques, even cars, then tomorrow’s luxury consumers will put a value on less tangible lifestyle assets such as time, health and valuable data. They are becoming more and more valued in modern society because it is these that are becoming scarcer and scarcer.

And as we all know, luxury was and always will be related to scarcity.

It is quite funny, but most of those assets can be achieved with a mindset that prefers the small, simple and sustainable.

The businesses so brilliantly included on the organisers’ itinerary reflect just that.

They are more or less small, source locally, encourage us to use less, but better… Starting with Hotel Park, producing urban honey on its own roof; using fewer cars with the help of a fully electrical car sharing system; experiencing Bine’s zero-waste cuisine at Monstera; tasting the smallest potica called Le potica, or getting familiar with Lumar's i edition house which supports the use of many digital applications to help us simplify our lives.

All of these cases are actually a modern play of less but better.

That’s pretty much the same as with Kaaita. We have set up some guidelines that help us walk our talk.
















This Bigabaga bags were made from test print leftovers we got from the Beletrina Publishing house.


As you’ve probably noticed, we are running our manufacture from a very small studio. We’ve just adopted a strategic decision whereby we will operate as a virtual manufacturer, minimising the physical and maximising the digital by using innovative technologies that enable us to scale.

The production and dispatching occurs at our local craftsmen’s places. This means we are already using facilities and equipment that exist rather than building and buying new ones. One of our craftsmen, for example, is a former sewer from the very well-known factory Rašica that went bankrupt a few years ago. She bought excellent equipment from the factory and now operates on her own. Our other two suppliers are manufacturers with a tradition lasting more than 70 years.


It is both a goal and great fun to run a business that is disrupting the usual way products are designed, produced or used by customers.

Just to name a few examples:

1) Bigabaga is a paper bag that can be put together from waste or recycled paper without glue. It folds together like origami. On the other hand, the Copa Copa slippers are sewn together from the fewest possible elements. The light version, for example, is sewn together using only one piece of felt.

2) Our products are designed to rise above all seasons and fashion trends. It is such a good feeling being outside that fashion race. I just can’t imagine producing new collections every 3 months and having this urgent need to get rid of the old collection. I find us much more in line with the famous Henry Ford saying from 1909: “A customer can have a car painted in any colour he wants so long as it is black”. It is just that we do it from different motive.

3) The slippers and some of our bags are made from felt matted from recycled plastic bottles. We have a system in place to take the used ones back and recycle them with other waste felt to create a fuel that is then used in the industry.

4) Each and every Kaaita product is an invitation to a sustainable lifestyle, for example, the Torbuschka, a set of 3 bags in 1, is a grocery bag that is a smart alternative to the plastic bags used at supermarkets. Or, for instance, our Laundry bag encourages the use of public laundries, to name just two.


And, last but not least. We respect our target audience and do whatever we can to empower and inspire their lives with our work, products and communications. It is the best way to say thanks, since they are our fountain of inspiration too.

Photos: Anže Vrabl

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The making of Copa Copa’s new non-slip soles

We recently had an issue with the slippers. The new, improved non-slip coating on the soles is genuinely nonslip. Which is good news. There is no way your foot can escape. But… the slippers also did not want to slip through the sewing machines of our sewers. We sought a solution for a while…and in the end found a very simple one. We will design a new pattern that won’t be printed along where the stitches go.

We invited Mojca, the designer of the slippers themselves, to propose a new soles pattern which would encapsulate the new, fresh, feminine spirit of Kaaita. Mojca came up with a few designs, like always, one better than another. But, ultimately, we chose the one that blew our mind.

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of what you make of it. Right?

So we took that opportunity.








































Photos: Romina Ivancic.

We have fully surrendered to the inspiration of that Copa Copa’s new non-slip soles pattern and will put it on wrapping paper, the wall…. it will guide our overall mood for a while.

You’ll be first to see the outputs. Right on time.

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