Meet Kaja

So … this is the face behind the posts? Who would have thought.   


I must admit it feels strange writing about myself for Kaaita. But on the other hand, there hasn't been a sentence I have put together without leaving a piece of me in it.

So you could say you know me pretty well by now. I am a law student, an aspiring poet and actress. I like to jump head first into anything I do and don't really know what stands between all or nothing. It has always been one or the other for me. (Which is great on the creative days, but nerve-wracking on the lazy ones.)


The way I started working with Kaaita was the way I do most things in life: unplanned but with passion.










I think it truly is my passion that defines me in every moment.

It is what drives me to listen to people's stories and random words of genius they throw into everyday conversations.

It is what fills my head with so many ideas, that I always need to carry a notebook with me to write them down.

It is what keeps me going. That and restabilising the state of law (did I mention I study law?). 




While this blog post has been a wonderful moment of self-praise on my behalf, I do believe that the best ideas come from listening to others and understanding their journeys. That is why I am going to say so long for now. But not really – I am just changing perspective.


Thinking of you,


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How we accidentally made something great

Sometimes a variety of coincidences can turn out to create something wonderful.

Something ... one of a kind.



And that is exactly how we got our limited edition slippers!



After 8 years of development and convincing Tomaž to print on the grey black felt you see in the picture...



... he finally made it!




And then ...                           

  ... Igor cut the fabric so that one slipper turned out to be black on the outside, and the other one grey.

But! Being inspired by Erik Kessels' "How to turn mistakes into ideas and other advice for successfully screwing up".             

we turned that into something new.


And so our one of a kind slippers came to be.


They are limited edition, but don't worry,

they will be delivered after Christmas. (Who needs yet another package to nervously wait to arrive?)


Photos: Romina Ivančič

One of a kind ...
just like you!

Thinking of you,


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Look, a theatre

We are always looking for stories that inspire us. And one of the most outstanding ones is certainly the story of Glej theatre ("glej" meaning "look").
They are not a hyperproduction theatre who focuses on creating "stars". Instead, they focus on creating artists in a space that offers a chance. A chance to make less, but better. A chance to include multiple people into decision-making. A chance for the ones who most need it.
These are Glej's technicians, Martin, Gregi and Klemen. They may not look the most enthusiastic but are always there to lend a hand - much like our manufacturers they are the ones who make Glej happen.
Anja, Inga and Barbara - 3/4 ths of Glej's creative council - do not perceive themselves as "gurus of art" but rather as involved in the creative process. 
These people, along with the countless artists they support, constitute the Glej theatre. That is, a theatre that adapts to the community's needs, looks for the core problems in the cultural space - and tries to solve them. 
They are different creative people who have come together to realize one vision. A theatre that is not set in stone, but one that serves artist and, through that, art.
"We support what is not supported elsewhere."
Thinking of you,
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Behind the slippers

In this story behind the products we share the process of preparing the felt that we use for our slippers with you. The process and recycling are something we really care about and would love to share the experience with you.

photo Romina Ivančič

Firstly, we would like you to meet Igor. He is a wonderful person who plays an important part of both the creating and the recycling process since he cuts the felt into the proper shape and makes sure that no tiny piece of the unused felt is thrown into the trash bin.

photo Romina Ivančič

photo Romina Ivančič photo Romina Ivančič

Secondly we want to involve some humble bragging, as we are very proud to announce that by the end of this year we'll have collected a ton and a half of unused felt, such as you see in the pictures.

photo Romina Ivančič

The reason that is so amazing is that we send this waste to Thermo Team GmbH where it is remade into alternative fuel and is used as such in cement factories. Our felt's story does not end in a pile of trash.

photo Romina Ivančič

But even before that, we still try our best to use as much of the material as we can by making smaller products, which you'll have a chance to admire soon. 

photo Romina Ivančič

And at last we have to mention our loyal costumers who send us their retired slippers to recycle. Your slippers have been taken good care of. Thank you for recycling & saving with us. 

If you want to get involved, you can read more on our recycle & save programme.


Thinking of you,


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Manca Jevscek

The making of a selfmade woman

We asked our selfmade women a few questions on what constitutes them as human beings. In this post we share with you the answers of Manca Jevscek.
photo by Romina Ivančič

How do you count time? 


      photo by Romina Ivančič 

I really do not want to count time, counting time to me means you are bored or anxious.   
Best times are usually spent not realising how much time has passed.  
Being immersed into something and forgetting time passing, is one of the best times and also most important times in your life.
If something captures your focus so intensely you can bet it sings with your heart.





What defines you?

photo by Romina Ivančič

Have no idea, water and DNA, I guess? 

How do you spend your time when nobody's looking?

Couch potato style with my cats.


Everybody falls sometimes. And then?

photo by Romina Ivančič
I tend to overanalyse, but on the bright side, consequently learn from mistakes. No other thing to do then keep going, new plans, new goals, new bucket lists, new wishes. Bjork describes this well in Desired Constellation.  
How would you answer?
Thinking of you,
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