What you give, is what you get

Even though, we are not always convinced that the tittle is true, somehow we like to believe it is. 

In reality the world is not black and white, but no matter the religion or belief, we invest our energy in what feels right to us.  Because it makes us feel good, it confirms to us that we are doing the right thing. And in the end we all strive for this purpose, as it is the core of our motivation and drive to act in life. When we set our priorities and invest our time and energy, this is what brings us results and gets us to our goals. 

Results and goals are not only the things you can measure, like the number of awards, how many items produced, and so on. The purposeful goals never reach their final goal, they are the continuous drive behind all our efforts. Acting with focus and mindfullness. Making things without additional burden on environment. Or simply having good relationships with people involved. 

Last time, we explained what our Copa Copa slippers are made of. We are always in search for materials that suit our products and are also easier on the planet. Which is quite great, but we were still concerned about scrap leftover felt material.

And we found a solution for this as well. All our felt cutouts go to provide energy as an alternative fuel for the cement industry, which is kind to the environment as it lowers CO2 emissions.
















Oh, and you do not need to worry either, after many years when your slippers get tired, you can recycle them by discarding them in the same bin as plastic bottles or even better, send them back to us, we will make sure they are properly recycled to fuel and reward your recycling effort with a discount for your new pair of slippers. Pretty great, ha?















Yes, we feel good about our efforts and we are happy to give this opportunity to you as well. In the end, the changes are born in little everyday decisions and efforts. Step by step, day by day.


Control table lamp was kindly provided by Moderna Showroom.

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From PET to Fluff or How to fit 6 bottles into one pair of slippers?

There are second chances for used plastics. Kaaita’s soft felt has a rather surprising origin behind it. Disposable plastic bottles are the raw material which is processed and recycled in what expert call “fluff”, cotton like puffy flocks of microfibre, which is then woven in soft and durable felt.

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Selfmadewomen ^2

This is a special one. These two vibrantly creative women quit their corporate jobs to do what they were truly passionate about. They created an online store that focuses on quality design and an approach that strays from the traditional all-over-the-place-marketing. Here we present you their answers to our questions.


We met at a lovely caffe of the city museum. It was a rainy day and we chatted about nothing and everything while drinking matcha latte.

How do you count time?

Katja: I would rather not count time. The only time I am fully aware of the time is when I am lacking one.

Sandra: With unforgettable moments. And lessons learned.


What most stayed in my memory from the "meeting" was the energy that sparked between the Utopiast girls. It is truly amazing how creative individuals can work together by bouncing ideas off each other.

What defines you?

Katja: I guess I am defined by a sense of personality, experiences and reason.

Sandra: My thoughts, my habits, my vision. I am a firm believer that the world around us is a reflection of who we are. The way we define ourselves, defines our reality.

How do you spend your time when nobody's looking?

Katja: By nature I am someone who treasures my time alone. I like to daydream, to reflect on the past. And if there is nothing in my past that captures my fancy, I let my thoughts go wherever they will.

Sandra: As an introvert I love spending time alone. I read, I think, I write. Not necessarily in that order.

Everybody falls sometimes. And then?

Katja: Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, keep a stiff upper lip and hopefully, learn something from it.

Sandra: Take a deep breath, remember your vision, try not to ask yourself too many questions and keep moving forward. It is always better to try and fail than not try at all. It builds character:)

We cannot wait to see what they have in mind for their future, because without a doubt, it will be amazing. That is why we invite you to see it with us at utopiast.com.

Thinking of you,


Photos by Romina Ivančič
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The less data I have, the better decisions I can make

I’m so grateful to many people, but let’s start with the professors Judita Peterlin and Noel Pearse. Since all three of us are more or less familiar :) with business school education, we know how logical and mathematical intelligences are valued in the academic and then, further, the business world.

But then, somewhere in some part of the world, there is an economist, consciously making illogical decisions.

An economist that defines a target group by the people that she admires most and not by the people that are most likely to buy.

An economist who is using empathy to understand audiences.

An economist who is developing products out of her personal needs.

An economist who is sincerely interested in social and sustainable without questioning how that pays off.

An economist who wants to grow her company only to the point it can still be sincere and personal.

An economist who is not interested in advertising, promoted content or optimum reach.

A self-destroying person? I wouldn’t say.


I have stepped in front of Romina’s camera to prove I’m fine. With no major wounds, happy in my own studio realising the goals I’ve described above. In a quiet place in order not to drive my fellow economists insane. And vice versa. My only personal goal is to empower myself, our tiny group of followers, admirers, customers, neighbors, partners and co-workers.



But, please, don’t get me wrong. I went through all the calculations and numbers at the Faculty of Economics because I wanted to do that. I do use Excel spreadsheets extensively to calculate costs and prices. I even wrote a business plan. I regularly use Trello to define the processes and effectively collaborate with our virtual team. I work with a brand consultant who is pushing me to use my logical skills to my greatest pleasure and pain :). All because I know, there is no personal nor company self-growth without doing that. But at the end of a day, it is so liberating knowing that I have the freedom to ignore or mix and match all that data with my other intelligences.

Imagine a world full of small or middle-sized businesses that doesn’t base their decisions solely on spreadsheets, the needs of its organizational structure or investors’ pockets? The businesses that doesn’t fuel themselves with the passion to outpace the competition? How would the world look then?

Wouldn’t then everything start to move more slowly? We could stop and notice so many things that escape our picture today. Maybe we would even start to notice ourselves and our real needs?


Photos: Romina Ivancic

After reading the paper “Multiple Intelligences of Artistic Creative Social Entrepreneurs: A Case study” by Judita Peterlin & Noel Pearse (Alenka Repic and Kaaita are the case in this case), it become clearer why I decide the way I do and why I shape Kaaita the way I do. My personal values, the characteristics of any creative, artistic and social entrepreneur are leading the way.

The paper is still in the process of developing, but I hope it will be published or presented soon. I guess all creative, artistic and social entrepreneurs out there will feel much better after reading it.

Thinking of you,


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Our global family

Sometimes, it can be hard to follow everything that is going on in the world. But it can be easier if you are part of a community. And we can sincerely say it makes us incredibly happy each time we see the Kaaita community growing.

We hope every day that we are able to somehow improve your daily life with our products. And when you post or send us photos like these, we truly feel like we have accomplished that at least on some level.


We still have soooo much left to learn and soooo much left to show you. But these kind gestures tell us that we must be doing something right.

That is why we would thank you a million times and hug you a million times more if we could. But since it is a gift and a curse that our family is global, we will end this post with the care we hope we convey in all of them.


We truly are thinking of you, each and every one,


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