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Selfmadewomen ^2

This is a special one. These two vibrantly creative women quit their corporate jobs to do what they were truly passionate about. They created an online store that focuses on quality design and an approach that strays from the traditional all-over-the-place-marketing. Here we present you their answers to our questions.


We met at a lovely caffe of the city museum. It was a rainy day and we chatted about nothing and everything while drinking matcha latte.

How do you count time?

Katja: I would rather not count time. The only time I am fully aware of the time is when I am lacking one.

Sandra: With unforgettable moments. And lessons learned.


What most stayed in my memory from the "meeting" was the energy that sparked between the Utopiast girls. It is truly amazing how creative individuals can work together by bouncing ideas off each other.

What defines you?

Katja: I guess I am defined by a sense of personality, experiences and reason.

Sandra: My thoughts, my habits, my vision. I am a firm believer that the world around us is a reflection of who we are. The way we define ourselves, defines our reality.

How do you spend your time when nobody's looking?

Katja: By nature I am someone who treasures my time alone. I like to daydream, to reflect on the past. And if there is nothing in my past that captures my fancy, I let my thoughts go wherever they will.

Sandra: As an introvert I love spending time alone. I read, I think, I write. Not necessarily in that order.

Everybody falls sometimes. And then?

Katja: Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, keep a stiff upper lip and hopefully, learn something from it.

Sandra: Take a deep breath, remember your vision, try not to ask yourself too many questions and keep moving forward. It is always better to try and fail than not try at all. It builds character:)

We cannot wait to see what they have in mind for their future, because without a doubt, it will be amazing. That is why we invite you to see it with us at utopiast.com.

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Photos by Romina Ivančič
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Many firsts

Ali and Nikki had just started their contemporary design store when our paths crossed at 100% Design. It was affection at first sight. They are warm, honest and I really love the way they are rethinking the retail store. It is digital and so personal at the same time. It is not just their thoughtful, subtle selection of designers and makers and the stories behind that make Such & Such the destination to visit to find timeless pieces for you and your home, it is their finest curation of content that invites us to live the lifestyles of our future. I strongly recommend you visit their online shop: www.suchandsuch.co. And a huge thank you to Nikki for taking the time to write down some Q&A about Kaaita.

Visiting Such & Such at their first pop-up shop in Shoreditch.

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