Restocking happy experiences

Over the years, Copa Copa slippers have proven to be a very popular gift.

We have received so much positive feedback and see so many return customers that I cannot think of any other reason for that than people simply love their happy experiences with our slippers.

Here are just a few – all happy – quotes: 

“These 'Copa Copa's' are my favourite slippers ever – so comfy and stylish, and I bet you can't guess what they're made of...?!”

“I love your brand and the slipper design is the best I have ever seen!”

“They are always such a great conversation starter when I have guests over and they can’t believe it when I tell them what they’re made of!”

“Copa Copa are the thing. Proven. And they wash super well. Even after 2 years of wearing. They are not yet ready to be recycled.

“My feet are purring”.

To fill these slippers with warmth and personality even when we are making them on a larger scale, we add some personalisation to continue with delivering happy experiences.

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