Petja Zorec

The making of a selfmade woman

We asked our selfmade women a few questions on what constitutes them as human beings. In this post we share with you the answers of Petja Zorec.

How do you count time?


Photo by Romina Ivančič

 By the seasons; Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer :

 Moments when I'm really present.

 Moments when I realise how grateful I am to be   surrounded by people I admire & love most.



What defines you?


Photo by Romina Ivančič



How do you spend your time when nobody's looking?


Photo by Romina Ivančič                





Nobody's reading as well 😈






Everybody falls sometimes. And then?


Like leaves from the tree creating fertile ground for a new birth. It's a cycle you have to get used to ○
Everybody falls sometimes. And then?             Everybody falls sometimes. And then?


How would you answer?


Thinking of you,




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