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Welcome to our first post about #selfmadewoman. We thought it would be great to take time and celebrate those quiet yet so brave women we find inspiring. They encourage us to step outside the comfort zone and act in accordance with ourselves. Not the mainstream, but ourselves. They are beautiful on the inside and outside, but not only that. Creative, but not only that. Achievers, but not only that. They are all that and more - with a dash of charm on top. Enjoy watching their feminine power dancing through these crazy lovely times we are living in.

Petja Zorec

Get to know her. Peek into her work and her play. See how she shares her days with KAAITA.

I contacted Petja about a year ago. After admiring her menswear designs that could and should be worn by women also I decided to send her a message. I have finally found a brand that is not girly at all!

We met the next day. She just looked at me and said she doesn’t need to measure my body. She does that by looking and relying on experience. She said that she could deliver the skirt I saw on Instagram a month later. A month later! Apparently she has only one sewer she trusts and already has a line of customers waiting for her clothes to be produced. Wow. Ok, I waited a month.

So… here she is. Sharing her intimate places. Places she meets with herself. Places where her creative explosions are given space.

The forth floor

     Your home reflects who you really are.



















Respectful & hearted people. 



The workshop

      A fusion of contradictions.
















"I'm so proud of my grandparents’ old knit craft place. My grandfather was the head of the knitting machine section and my grandmother was the seamstress in Almira for 30 years. Later, they opened their own knit craft workshop fully equipped with the knitting machines I still use to make prototypes".



  The scrapbook.












"That could be me".













The old masters toys.














 The ride

“When I'm driving ... I listen to music. Loudly. Hip hop mostly. And think about my life. In fact, this is the only time I’m really alone… something I really need right now. Plus, I extremely enjoy the drive. Well, except when other drivers make me angry :)”






Petja holds MA in Fashion design from Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at University of Ljubljana, where she now works as an assistant.

You can buy her clothes at Pentlja Concept Store in the centre of Ljubljana or by e-mail petja.zorec@gmail.com. And, of course, find more about her on her website.

"This is just a sneak peek into a book that I’m going to publish one day".

Thank you Petja! Your openness fills us with joy.

Photos: Romina Ivančič


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