Meet Kaja

So … this is the face behind the posts? Who would have thought.   


I must admit it feels strange writing about myself for Kaaita. But on the other hand, there hasn't been a sentence I have put together without leaving a piece of me in it.

So you could say you know me pretty well by now. I am a law student, an aspiring poet and actress. I like to jump head first into anything I do and don't really know what stands between all or nothing. It has always been one or the other for me. (Which is great on the creative days, but nerve-wracking on the lazy ones.)


The way I started working with Kaaita was the way I do most things in life: unplanned but with passion.










I think it truly is my passion that defines me in every moment.

It is what drives me to listen to people's stories and random words of genius they throw into everyday conversations.

It is what fills my head with so many ideas, that I always need to carry a notebook with me to write them down.

It is what keeps me going. That and restabilising the state of law (did I mention I study law?). 




While this blog post has been a wonderful moment of self-praise on my behalf, I do believe that the best ideas come from listening to others and understanding their journeys. That is why I am going to say so long for now. But not really – I am just changing perspective.


Thinking of you,


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  • Boštjan – warm & proactive. Like!
    Thank you!

    Kaaita on
  • Kaaita – soft and cosy. Like!
    Kaja – interesting and well written. Like!
    Vso srečo! B-)

    Boštjan on

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