Manca Jevscek

The making of a selfmade woman

We asked our selfmade women a few questions on what constitutes them as human beings. In this post we share with you the answers of Manca Jevscek.
photo by Romina Ivančič

How do you count time? 


      photo by Romina Ivančič 

I really do not want to count time, counting time to me means you are bored or anxious.   
Best times are usually spent not realising how much time has passed.  
Being immersed into something and forgetting time passing, is one of the best times and also most important times in your life.
If something captures your focus so intensely you can bet it sings with your heart.





What defines you?

photo by Romina Ivančič

Have no idea, water and DNA, I guess? 

How do you spend your time when nobody's looking?

Couch potato style with my cats.


Everybody falls sometimes. And then?

photo by Romina Ivančič
I tend to overanalyse, but on the bright side, consequently learn from mistakes. No other thing to do then keep going, new plans, new goals, new bucket lists, new wishes. Bjork describes this well in Desired Constellation.  
How would you answer?
Thinking of you,

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