Manca Jevscek is our second #selfmadewoman to be featured, someone we find quiet yet so brave and inspiring.

She has figured out how to enter those worlds men can’t simply step into. Even sacred ones. She is someone for whom the doors of a monastery are open, even though a woman has not entered it for many years. She is someone who is allowed to get up close and personal with a famous restaurant’s family legacy. So, what’s her secret?

She is a photographer. A food photographer. Not just any, but a top-of-the-line one.



Curiosity is the main reason she loves photography so much. It opens doors that otherwise remain closed.

And food. She has a special relationship with it. Just browse through her food blog. You won’t find any copycat recipes there, only those bearing her signature dishes.

Manca at the Skarucna restaurant, known for its hearthy pieces of meat and wonderful wine. But, of course, Skarucna is so much more than that.

The master of the show is Slavko Zagar Jr. A waiter, cook, entertainer, gardener and interior decorator… 


“Food is so beautiful. It carries memories, personal attributes, and culture capturing a whole range of meanings. That’s why I find it so interesting to photograph it.”

The same goes with her home. It completely resonates with the above quote.


Coffee or tea? Mate Chai please.





"This is Mrki’s favourite pose in the living room. We love to crack and nibble walnuts; even our cats are fond of playing with them, rolling them all over the place. This sheaf of dry grass was picked on Golovec Hill."




“The colour and textures of concrete are insanely beautiful and the process of making a pot of concrete truly thrills me. Pouring concrete feels like baking a cake, yet the result is stone which lasts forever. Magic!"


Kaaita paper bags in a good use :) 





“I love crumbs, food with teeth marks or carrots still with some soil on them. It has to be ‘juicy’, with texture, alive… I take all my photos in natural light.”

I warmly welcome you to check out Manca’s website and there you’ll see how bravely she is walking the talk.



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