Look, a theatre

We are always looking for stories that inspire us. And one of the most outstanding ones is certainly the story of Glej theatre ("glej" meaning "look").
They are not a hyperproduction theatre who focuses on creating "stars". Instead, they focus on creating artists in a space that offers a chance. A chance to make less, but better. A chance to include multiple people into decision-making. A chance for the ones who most need it.
These are Glej's technicians, Martin, Gregi and Klemen. They may not look the most enthusiastic but are always there to lend a hand - much like our manufacturers they are the ones who make Glej happen.
Anja, Inga and Barbara - 3/4 ths of Glej's creative council - do not perceive themselves as "gurus of art" but rather as involved in the creative process. 
These people, along with the countless artists they support, constitute the Glej theatre. That is, a theatre that adapts to the community's needs, looks for the core problems in the cultural space - and tries to solve them. 
They are different creative people who have come together to realize one vision. A theatre that is not set in stone, but one that serves artist and, through that, art.
"We support what is not supported elsewhere."
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