Monocle: "Ljubljana is a treasure trove of smart, creative and unusual gifts"...

Photo Romina Ivancic

Monocle’s Jamie Waters wrote an article about Ljubljana in the latest issue of the magazine. He perfectly picked out smart, creative and unusual treasure troves in the metropolitan retail scene of Ljubljana. We were so proud to find the following reading: “Monocle was particularly taken with the pastel colored dresses by Mila Vert, slouchy coats by Janja Videc and felt bags and slippers by Kaaita. All three brands are proudly “Made in Slovenia” and their designs can be picked up at Ika (Mila Vert and Kaaita), MAO (Kaaita) and Zoofa (Janja Videc).” Thank you, Monocle! It means a lot since you are our everyday destination and inspiration.

In the following film you will find Ljubljana’s exceptional retail spaces owned by our neighbors & friends featuring in Monocle’s pick for all the presents and stocking-fillers you could ever need.

Monocle about LjubljanaOn the above screenshoot: Cvetličarna Emporia and it's respective owners Jurij Zalokar and Tomaz Smrtnik.


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