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Non toxic bagPhoto Romina Ivancic

I get many questions these days about the resistance and durability of our Shoulder bags. Which I fully understand. They are made of paper, after all!

Tatjana: "The bag is very inspiring and ingenious. Both the paper and design are excellent." "But shouldn’t she watch out for it in the rain?” her husband added. Well, thanks for asking.

Tyvek® is paper, but actually it also comes with not so many paper-like features. We can write and print on it like any other paper. But, at the same time, it has many properties that are not so common to paper and they are the very ones that stir up the imagination of creative souls.

Non toxic bag

Photo Romina Ivancic

1) Super moisture resistance

Tyvek® is an extremely pure, environmentally friendly water-resistant material without any post-processing water-resistant coating. This explains why the material can retain its water-resistant capabilities, even after extended periods of time. Tyvek® has excellent physical properties with superior moisture resistance capable of meeting the requirements of British Standard (BS) 5609 (marine immersion test) while retaining its material strength.

2) Recycability

Tyvek® is an HDPE (high density polyethylene) material manufactured using patented Dupont technologies. The material is high in purity and is not made using any recycled PET bottles or PE plastics. Its high purity means that Tyvek® can be recycled as a #2 material (PE category) to create other forms of plastic products. We can collect it along with plastic bottles as part of municipal kerbside recycling programmes.

3) Light weight & very strong

Tyvek® is composed of continuously interwoven fibres, giving it great strength and anti-tearing properties with a fabric-like texture.

4) Non-toxicity

Dupont conducted skin contact toxicity tests for the original form of Tyvek®. As of today, no reports indicating any form of toxicity have been received.

The technology we apply to colour the Tyvek® is not primarily meant to be used in the textile industry. But, to get the best results regarding environment and health safety, we are using the slowest printing procedure with maximum strength UV bulbs to ensure the colours are 100% dry. The UV Fujifilm colours are now certified in line with the environmental requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. They are manufactured in the UK. But, to remove any doubts, we add clear matte water-based lacquer to be 100% sure the material is safe for human skin. We are proud that this water-based lacquer is produced in Slovenia.

Tyvek® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. 

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