Dancing through life

photo by Romina Ivančič
When you are a dancer, dancing is not a hobby and not a job. It is simply a way of living. That could be noticed in the details of our selfmade women's Maša Kagao Knez and Urša Rupnik's behaviours. Even if a little nervous and unsure at first, they only needed to look at each other to burst into laughter.

photo by Romina Ivančič










It was obvious in the moments of child-like sincerity and trying everything that comes to mind when first seeing a swing. They weren't limited to the close-minded ideas of what is "appropriate" for an adult. 

photo by Romina Ivančič

While Urša was being photographed, Maša started rehearsing her coreography, casually implementing dance in the otherwise "serious" office enviornment.

photo by Romina Ivančič










They brought a fresh wave of simplicity and creativity. They brought dance as a background to everything they do.


They made us ask ourselves: How do we dance when nobody's watching? 

How do you?



Thinking of you, 


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