What you give, is what you get

Even though, we are not always convinced that the tittle is true, somehow we like to believe it is. 

In reality the world is not black and white, but no matter the religion or belief, we invest our energy in what feels right to us.  Because it makes us feel good, it confirms to us that we are doing the right thing. And in the end we all strive for this purpose, as it is the core of our motivation and drive to act in life. When we set our priorities and invest our time and energy, this is what brings us results and gets us to our goals. 

Results and goals are not only the things you can measure, like the number of awards, how many items produced, and so on. The purposeful goals never reach their final goal, they are the continuous drive behind all our efforts. Acting with focus and mindfullness. Making things without additional burden on environment. Or simply having good relationships with people involved. 

Last time, we explained what our Copa Copa slippers are made of. We are always in search for materials that suit our products and are also easier on the planet. Which is quite great, but we were still concerned about scrap leftover felt material.

And we found a solution for this as well. All our felt cutouts go to provide energy as an alternative fuel for the cement industry, which is kind to the environment as it lowers CO2 emissions.
















Oh, and you do not need to worry either, after many years when your slippers get tired, you can recycle them by discarding them in the same bin as plastic bottles or even better, send them back to us, we will make sure they are properly recycled to fuel and reward your recycling effort with a discount for your new pair of slippers. Pretty great, ha?















Yes, we feel good about our efforts and we are happy to give this opportunity to you as well. In the end, the changes are born in little everyday decisions and efforts. Step by step, day by day.


Control table lamp was kindly provided by Moderna Showroom.

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