A bag to love and wear. Forever.

Yet another bag you might ask?

Hendee shoulder bagPhoto: Kontrastika

The world is crowded with bags, right? There are so many, yet they are mostly all the same. At least for me. With many zippers, metal add-ons, pearls… they are all just too loud for my personality. I wanted a very simple bag, one that is pared-back, complements the wearer and, on the other hand, one whose modest material and features fulfill the needs of a contemporary creative soul.

I’m super excited to announce that we have finally made it.

Well, it was a long journey... we tested many kinds of paper. Yes, paper. The idea seemed so sexy. With such a great touch, sound and with all the crazy options available, wow, the perfect paper must be waiting for us. But finding one that is simultaneously durable and lightweight and will not tear after you sew it, well, it took some time. When we thought we had finally reached the end, the issue of colouring with the environment and health-safe colours occurred. I realised it is not such a common feature at all. But thanks to a very cooperative distributor we cracked that one too.

Hendee shoulder bagsPhoto: Aleksander Lilik

There are six colour combinations to choose from: WET SAND, WARM STONE, BIG BLUSH, LOST ISLAND, MIDNIGHT SWIM and DEEP ASH. The colour palette is all dreamy and subdued. I know it is hard to decide which one to pick, but ultimately it is not such a big deal, they are all perfect!

Hendee shoulder bags are now available at a nice introductory price and the shipping is on us.

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