Penny for a thought of Ana Ivančič

There must be a deeper meaning in the fact that certain people’s paths cross through the life... again and again. Ana is one of those people in my life. Our not last meeting took place at my home. She visited me accompanied with Miran Kambič, one of the most renowned Slovenian architectural photographers, to document my lifestyle. Somewhere during the interview I realized that it might be very interesting to reverse the roles. Ana is one of those people that express themselves thoughtfully and gracefully. Never hastily, with no redundant words. Always in a way one wants to know more. So I decided to change the rules of the game and asked Ana a few questions. I would love to go even deeper but decided to let it be... knowing that she might not to be on the other side too often. Dear Ana, now that you have given us the taste of you, we would not let you off the hook so easily next time.

Ana is the editor of H.O.M.E. Slovenia Magazine

How did you become the editor of H.O.M.E. Slovenia Magazine?

It was a coincidence, although I don’t believe in coincidences. Before I was a free-lance publisher in culture, covering mainly theatre and ballet. I wanted to try as an editor and the opportunity came.

I know you are a passionate person. What are you most passionate about while planning a new issue?

I love thinking of who, what, why and when to put in the magazine. It’s like building a puzzle and you never know how the final picture will come out until the deadline. 

How can people and their living ambient became your choice for presentation?

Publishing a new book, directing a new movie, acting in the new play, designing a new chair or simply running an eco-friendly company with great products like Kaaita, are definitely reasons to being the part of our puzzle. As for the homes – we are keen to publish contemporary furnished homes with quality furniture brands and innovative solutions.

What impressions do you usually take with you after conducting the interview?

Homes are people. The impression you have, when you leave their homes; it’s like trying on a new perfume. If it doesn’t suit you, it irritates you for hours, if it’s good, you enjoy it all day long. If the connection happens, long-term friendships can start there.

What kind of homes you find most charming?

Homes with soul. Architects always talk about designing homes, which are tailor made for the owners, but in reality that happens rarely. Open spaces, huge kitchens, modular sofas and wellness corners are very popular, but … Do we really cook that much? Do we invite our friends over so often?

I'm curious how does your home look like?

My home is the smell of fresh baked bread from the oven and vegetable minestrone boiling on the hob, my bad conscience because of the limescale on the sink and the empty wall without THE painting, my always on computer on the dinning table and one of my son’s numerous balls on the floor. Yes, I prefer cooking to cleaning and sometimes I surf the Internet without a certain goal.


In the freshest November issue of H.O.M.E. Slovenia Magazine you can find why our home and studio are our families endless source of inspiration. Go and grab it. Thanks' to Ana and Miran for kindly letting us to publish some photos from the interview.

All photographs: Miran Kambič.

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