100% design follow-up

Image by Ilco Kemmere.

100% design was our very first time exhibiting at such an international level. We displayed our products on two square meters – small, you may think, but big enough for beginners =) and mostly, large enough to meet a whole bunch of amazing people. Prior to the event there were great expectations, excitement and even some fear. Yes, fear of just not being able to talk to everyone, see everything and basically don’t have enough energy to do it all! How wrong I was. All the loudly expressed “Wow”, “Fab”, “Wonderful”, “Awesome”, “Fun” responses gave us so much energy.

Image by Ilco Kemmere.

This is just a quick note to all of you guys from all around the globe that made our time at 100% design really worthwhile. A big thank you for dropping by and giving us the so much needed confirmation that we are on the right path.

Images by Ilco Kemmere.

The high level of design and creativity we were surrounded with gave us a whole new dose of energy for further development. Even though we might’ve had a bit of a “younger brother syndrome” in the company of all the great, “adult” designers, I believe we did bring the very much-needed playfulness to the table. Thank you again for the time spent rocking with us, trying out the COPPA COPPA slippers and admiring our bags. This is also an open invitation to take part in Kaaita world also in the future. Follow our blog or like us on Facebook in order to stay informed about all the goodies and updates from the Kaaita manufacturer.

Image by Ilco Kemmere.

Keep rocking!

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