Kaaita “no discounts policy”

Nowadays, there are hardly any commercials, billboards or shop windows that do not communicate discounted, promotional or special deals. Communicating discounts with visuals and words has become more a rule than exception. We live in an economy that seems to be driven by discounts, especially in these difficult economic times. Sure, customers find discounts very useful, even I do sometimes, while retailers need turnover and cash flow in order to cover the costs. Furthermore manufacturers also need to get rid of the stocks since new products are already on the way in. So far this seems like a win-win for all parties involved, right?

Well, new offers and discounts usually come about in a cycle of three months. Yep, you’ve got it right there – three months! Can you imagine at what speed the entire chain of designers, producers, marketers and agencies are working? Do you think any of them has the time to think long term and beyond the three-month sales cycle? It’s like a Formula 1 driver would have the time to enjoy the view around while racing at 250kph. He sure wouldn’t be the winner if he did.

I’ve been there, I’ve seen it, I’ve done it AND I don’t want to be a part of it anymore!

I chose to live in a different world. I chose a different path for myself and Kaaita. The path that respects you, me, us and the environment we live in. I don’t want to manipulate and just instantly attract over and over again. I want Kaaita to contribute to the world in which I want to live in. That is why Kaaita products are sold at a fair price and without discounts.

By buying a Kaaita product you also support our Manifesto, stated in our Promises. You share our mindset and support the way we think, work, produce, buy, pay, cooperate, organize, communicate and inspire. If you pay only half the price, we are able to realize only half of our promises.

To be honest, I often get tempted to offer discounts too. I have exactly the same motives as described above. I guess our minds work that way since this kind of trading has become such a great part of our culture. But I choose to consciously reject these ideas and offer more sustainable reasons to buy our products instead. We choose to focus only on you guys, living a lifestyle that supports the positive effects economy and are willing to do that with us in the future, too.

The no-discounts policy will surely not change the course of economy; we’re not that naive. It enables us to be good at what we do and hopefully it will at least encourage slightly greater awareness about the way retail business is done. Long live quality products and positive effects economy!=)

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  • Mojca, thank you so much. We think that there are lots of better reasons to buy a product than a discounts.

    Kaaita on
  • I have to use your words: hats off

    mojca on

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