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A new book just came in fresh from the press – Holiday Design – where two Kaaita stars are featured among other examples of holiday creativity. Our festive Fri Tri / The Forest-Friendly Christmas Tree and a LED light cardboard package in a cute lantern shape that we made for Siemens Slovenia found their way into this fine selection.

Confused why we are babbling about Holiday Design? You might’ve thought that it's about summer holiday design and sun loungers, towels and such. Well, you couldn't be more wrong, and no, we're not going crazy - despite the almost intolerable heat outside we are truly in the midst of Holiday Season preparations. If you want to get things produced in time for Christmas and New Year's, this is the time when you have to do all the heavy lifting. Go to the mountains, put on wool socks and get into that X-mass mood =)

It’s not really like that, of course, but this lovely book is a true design inspiration and a treasury of creative ideas for everyone aiming for yet another unforgettable holiday season.

As publishers from Sendpoint wrote: "The works featured in this book can surely put a smile on your face and a touch of cheerfulness in your heart."

Can’t wait to surprise you with this season’s favourites, but we better wait for that proper Xmass spirit first =)

Our Fri Tri / The Forest-Friendly Christmas Tree is getting festive too.

This is a cardboard package for small LED light in a useful lantern shape we made for Siemens Slovenia few years ago.

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