Behind the charming pics

When we are creating a product, we are actually creating an identity with an inspiring story. To me, the most precious moments are those I spend with my dreaming team making them true. This time Ana Hribar Fensišmensi & Ursa Jerkič were new to the team. Nevertheless, I was sure that they will be more than capable to visualize the metropolitan nature of Torbuschka L, Torbuschka XL and Hendee Laundry bag. You can already check the pictures in our Web shop and Facebook page.

Those amazing backstage photos were made by Nina Kožar from VirtuaPR in Ljubljana's most beautiful hotel Hotel Cubo

For more photos from Behind The Scenes visit our Facebook page.
Have a look at who Ana is laughing to at Bazilika Bistro. She can be found at the bottom left corner and her name is Lajka. 


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