What do you take for big? And what for small?

What comes first? Big moments or tiny things? Where does small begin and big end? The limits are where imagination stops. 


Bouncing dimensions of Hendee M, L and XL are excited to see an exhibition, arranged especially for maxi and mini visitors of MAO.


Hendee XL and M with a short handle.


My XL Živa…

...uses Hendee M shoulder bag.

Aajdee Plus (light grey, Ø 22 cm, Ø 38 cm, Ø 46 cm) and the last member of our family quintet: The Lota.

A miracle has happened on Aajdee Plus. The cat can speak.


Hendee XL, M and S just for me. 

Madame Bear was sewn up just in time for lunch with Jasna. It waits patiently for me on Torbuschka XL.

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