A wonderful thing happened

Imagine how things are done in a workshop.

We test materials, build prototypes, and brainstorm quite a lot. We also come up with some failed ideas and wrongly sewn edges. That’s all part of it.

From time to time a creative bustle of this kind results in unique products which for various reasons never hit the shelves. They are one-of-a-kind and the noblest example of honest, unrestrained creativity.

Such special individual creations we put on display and for exclusive sale in the group of One-of-a-kind products.

Today is one of those days. We have just created a limited series of 15 newly sewn bags Hendee L, which stand out for the density of their deluxe felt.

That is why the bags are – besides their other well-known positive qualities – even more useful for those who expect not only maximal design, but also maximum durability. All 15 bags come in black, but you can choose between those with a short handle or a long handle.

The main thing about these bags is that they can’t be bought in regular stock.  


More about the bags, measures, prices and other juicy bits and bobs can be found here. 

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