Invitation: fix it with Fliike!

It happened some time ago when I had a meeting with our designer Urška Hočevar and accidentally put on a pair of my well-worn mules. 


My Camper twins. 


When I eventually realized what I had put on my feet, I was horrified. Imagine my surprise when Urška sighed and said that my mules are actually beautiful. That exact moment gave me lots of food for thought. After this life started leading me toward many new ideas about how an ideal sustainable lifestyle can look like.

Do we really need a new jacket? And the children new pants because the old ones are torn a bit? I have clothes of the brands that I’ve been buying in the past, but now I don’t want to look at the brand marks anymore. Should I throw them away?

Of course not.

I will just sew our Fliike TEX on them. Maybe even add a funny comment or two. In this way we create more joy and less waste in this world. 


What about you?

I would reallyyyyy like to see your way of using the patches. What about sharing your creations with us? Take a picture of them and send it to  Your revived clothes will be published on our web page and FB page. And to express our thanks we will send you a brand new set of two Fliike TEX patches. Of your choice, of course. 


The invitation is on till the end of February.  

 Let them inspire you.  

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