Standing proudly

When Mr. Josep Maria Minquet from Monsa, Spanish publishing house, renowned for its books about architecture, art and design, contacted us, I couldn't believe my eyes. Having had our product published side-by-side with some of the global most prominent products and brands in the field of sustainable packaging like PUMA, 360 PAPER WATER BOTTLE, THE EBAY BOX, etc. seemed like something so out-of-my-world. But less than a year later, here we are. And not with one, but two products, standing proudly among the prominent companions.


The Bigabaga bag is a response to the environmental problems associated with paper bags. Bigabaga is put together without glue: a piece of recycled paper with preset folds is made into a bag, just like origami. A diagram printed on a bag shows how to fold it. Developed by Urška Hočevar as packaging for our products, the bag is also sold as a separate product. 


Much of the additional waste, headed to the landfill after the holiday season, comes in the form of gift wrap and packaging. The alternative is not only to recycle, but also to reuse.

Siemens New Year's Gift package is made of recycled paper and printed with water based inks.  It is designed as "a packet of inspiration" - as the sparks of creativity, encouraging the recipient to face the "new", while also demonstrating the innovative nature of Siemens Corporation. Dot-It LED Light which comes with it transforms it into a portable lantern that the gift recipient can use and enjoy long into the new year.


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