My answer was an enthusiastic “Yes!"

I was strolling through Ljubljana’s beautiful Tromostovje when suddenly Adriana* caught me from behind. “Alenka, would you be interested to organize a road show to showcase the Kaaita’s venues and your sustainable ways of doing business? We would like to make it a part of the Sustainable Leadership and Inspiration Academy program.”

For a long time now, I am running my business on an unorthodox way. It is a road less traveled and there are moments when I feel lost in the jungle with only my bull’s will as a machete in my hands.

A proposition of that kind is a sign someone has noticed. It caressed my soul. And my answer was an enthusiastic “Yes!"

And here it is. The invitation to attend the Academy where I will share key strategic decisions and activities that made Kaaita an internationally recognized sustainable business. I will introduce our craftsmen, co-workers and people that inspire us. Participants will experience and taste our local solutions for sustainability, including: community based food production, natural building, conscious consumer choices, and alternative transportation.

The road show will end at Raduha House, one of proud users of Kaaita products and one of most prominent guesthouses and restaurants in Slovenia, combining respect towards tradition, local heritage and modern well-being.

And at last but not least, this is will be going on on the last day of the Accademy. First two days will be full of examples of actual organizational approaches, extensive practical guidance and best practices in making sustainability work, delivered by  Marc J. Epstein, one of the gurus in sustainability implementation and Adriana Rejc Buhovac, an expert in the design and implementation of performance measurement and evaluation systems.

Welcome. Very.

* Adriana Rejc Buhovac is a Programme Director of Sustainability Leadership and Inspiration Academy.

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