Sane People Quit

I find out that I feel the same way towards people as I do towards Brands and Companies. I take them very personally. What triggers a deep respect is the higher purpose of their being. They think of someone else than themselves too. They respect you, not your money. They don’t just make something, but change something as well, as David Hieatt said in his book Do Purpose.

Unbound: David Hieatt - Do Purpose from tinderfarm on Vimeo.

Through my virtual journeys I meet People, Brands and Companies from all over the world. Some of them even repeatedly. They help me sharpen my vision, inspire to Do and persist doing it. Just to name a few: James Victore, Hiut Denim, Do Lectures, The Do book, Swissmiss, Holstee, howies in their early years of existence. There is a name that is somehow connected to most or maybe even all of them: David Hieatt. He built howies, co-founded The Do Lectures (it was voted in the top ten ideas festivals in the world by The Guardian) and most recently he started Hiut Denim. His words are full of passion and honesty. He’s marketing knowledge is based on respect and ideas building a better future. He is definitely not a follower, and does only what inspires him. He has got my deep RESPECT.

David wrote a book about building a brand with a purpose: Do Purpose. It is so inspiring for the rest of us to go and Do, that I thought it is a must have in our web shop. A big thanks to the publisher The Do Book Company to make that wish came true.

They publish books that are written by speakers from the Do Lectures Do Lectures bring the DO-ers of the world together - the movers and shakers, the disrupters and the change-makers - and ask them to tell their stories. Under star lit skies, in a bind with nature, they inspire others to go out into the world and DO, too. The Do Book Company’s aim is to recreate that same positive change in book form. Each book is fairly short, about 100 pages, because it focuses on the ‘doing’ rather than the background theory. Concise, practical guides that make it easier to Do stuff.

Some other titles we will ad to web shop shortly. But I have to read them first :).


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