In Homage to all Firefighters

It has been a year now since a fire devastated Kaaita Studio. A waste majority of materials, as well as our at-the-time products stock, went to the trash – mostly due to the damage caused by smoke.

One of few products that were not completely destroyed, were the latest series of the Ding Dong swing that just arrived from the production a few days ago.

We managed to rescue them from destruction and they have been stored for... actually, dirty as they were, at the time of shock, we haven’t been able to imagine their future. We just knew that we simply love them too much to be thrown away.

So throughout the year, we carefully hand cleaned them and freshly pampered them with natural oils. One by one. Day by day. And now, finally, a special limited edition series of swings rose from the ashes like a Phoenix. Due to their unique aesthetic and history, we choose to call them Smoked Ding Dong.

They sure are Luck Certified and are, as from today, available at our store – for end customers exclusively. We decided that, instead of discounting them, we’d sell them at the regular price with a portion of money – one tenth to be exact – going to the volunteer local firefighter brigades.

Nevertheless, while at this respect we are acting local, this series of Smoked Ding Dong is dedicated to all brave men and women who are selflessly serving as firefighters around the globe.

We are with you guys and gals!

We support you! And we love you!

Keep up the good job...

... and THANK YOU!


#firefighters #thinkingofyou

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