This week's call for pre-orders.

I’m very interested in new opportunities to improve the way we live.


Do business.

All with the aim of being more of ourselves, more authentic, more in balance. It is always such a fun kicking my ass from a comfort zone. I mean, it is not easy doing it on a daily basis, but it certainly is fulfilling & sportily.

Over ten years of running a creative manufacture I learned (both, the soft and the hard way :) that I love learning by doing and doing what I passionately learn from diversified resources and teachers. Thanks’ to Hip Van and monoco (note to our customers from Japan: Kaaita products will be featured from May 15-22nd) for opening my eyes about benefits of pre-order business model. Thanks to Shopify for being such a great teacher and support to run a successful ecommerce. So grateful and congratulations for the 100.000 store owner that trusts and grows with you.  

Well not to mention the Hiut Denim for pushing the limits of my imagination. Check their latest experiment. I'm definitely in!

Low-inventory business model is one of those novelties we introduced about two months ago. I love it, because it allows us to produce only when orders come in. That means that the buyer orders the products that have yet to be made. It has some similarities with crowdfunding and crowdsorcing since the “crowd” finances to sustain our initiative.

It is a win win win. The manufacturer (in this case Kaaita :), our customers and the environment wins.

Here is a short list of wins.


By collecting orders on a weekly basis, we reduce the costs of producing. We eliminate the costs of maintaining stocks too, because there are not any. All ordered products immediately leave our nest and are on their way to perfect customers.

The customer

Products received are totally fresh and 30% cheaper because you, the customer, enabled us to reduce costs.

The environment

Pre-orders are a step forward waste minimization. We produce less stocks nobody actually needs and wants.

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