Dreaming of slippers that will make you fly

Our cooperation with Kontrastika design studio dates back quite a while. It coincides with our decision to focus our business on high quality design products. I don’t recall if our first project were Copa Copa slippers or lifestyle photos of our products that we wanted to launch. 

What I do recall, however, are some of my introductory conversations with Mojca. She told me, that for her photography, she doesn’t use flash and filters. She doesn’t see necessary for the models to apply some extra make-up or use a stylist. She likes forgotten procedures, incomplete materials, recycling. She told me that she sees the beauty in natural, organic, imperfect,... I remember I was hardly containing my enthusiasm. “This is it!” I was telling myself again and again.

Me: Mojca, your education is layered. How would you explain that?

Mojca: Alenka, first of all, I’d like to thank you for the gentle introduction. My formal education started at painting school which I attended parallel with a high school. After I specialized on textile and fashion design, I nurtured my photography education as well. At that period I was intensively experimenting with black & white photography. Later on, I topped all that with visual communications. After successfully graduated at Ljubljana University, I went to Denmark when I studied at Designskolen Kolding. I’d say, that it is more a Design Institute than a school. At that period of my life, I was overwhelmed with the desire to express myself at all possible ways and that bounced me between numerous and diverse visual projects.

Me: At Kontrastika design studio, you and Matjaž combine your talents. What would you say is your true passion?

Mojca: At Kontrastika, we mesh-up many diverse knowledge and passions. Be it personal characteristics or things that defined us during our childhood. Matjaž always enjoyed hand drawing and studying animals while I found myself in farming, crayon drawings on granite plates and applying make-up made of black tulips :) Since we have quite different backgrounds on some skills and because we admire each other’s work, many times that leads to ‘the right things’.

Me: Your photos established the style guidelines for the photographers Kaaita used to work with latter on. How would you describe the photos you made for us?

Mojca: Primarily, those photos are made for you. But to be sincere I made them for my soul as well. Kaaita’s products, mission and philosophy are close to my heart. I suppose that is why photos I made for you, have always been kind of personal :)

Me: “They have to be clean and simple by design and optimized for easy manufacture. They should include lavender.” That was the brief you got from us for Copa Copa slippers. Felt was not defined as obligatory material to be used. How would you describe the design process?

Mojca: Through well-defined brief you have given me at first meetings, I was able to sense what kind of product you envisioned and who are the target users of the product. Design process had many steps. First sketches and prototypes were made for woven flax or hemp but they all lead me to the dead end. After that we experimented with stretchable knitted fabrics... It was not until we tried recycled felt when shape and lavender and hand-stitch all converged together into the shape modeled out of one piece. It was you who encouraged us to use felt made of recycled clothing, which substantially emphasized character and style of the product bringing it closer to what we wanted to achieve at the first place.

Me: How would you describe a Kaaita manufacture and our business relationship?

Mojca: To me, Kaaita oozes your personality. As a company it inspires me and I feel a great respect towards it. While strongly standing besides its vision, Kaaita always addresses me gently and cuddles me. Every project we worked on together was like a unique dance full of inspirations, growth and splices; while, on the other hand, it always allowed me a loot of room to express myself as well.

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