Hazelnut Brown

New Hazelnut Brown Hendee collection just came in. We absolutely love it! 
It goes perfect with jeans, fresh air and sneakers. 

Its hidden pocket enthusiastically gulps down everything it finds along its way: coins, chargers, mobile phones, keys to the basement and to the holiday cottage, and all other small sized messy junk.


Here they are standing proudly:

Hazelnut Brown Hendee Shoulder Bag.

Hazelnut Brown Hendee Handbag.

Hazelnut Brown Hendee King Size Shoulder Bag.

Hazelnut Brown Hendee King Size Handbag.

You can PREORDER all 4 types of Hendee and save 30% on a regular price

We are collecting preorders till March 14th , so you have one week to decide & act.




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