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By profession, I am an economist. Yes... I know, I know... who would have thought so. You would never guess. And in a way, you would be right since I am not one of those hardcore, mainstream micro or macro economists. Nope. My heart and soul are on the other side of the universe.

I passionately believe in business models with a higher purpose. And I’m deeply inspired and very keen of people running businesses like that. They have not built the company with intent of selling it when it will be on the top of the business growth curve.

What triggers me most is the new logic, new ways of thinking that are empowering those passionate businesses and their missions.

On a daily basis I get advises and comments like: increase the speed of developing new products, offer something new every season, you should have discounts to force sales, advertise for the gods sake, scream in order that customers will hear you!


I have not been born to follow that way of thinking. I was born to Rethink. Reset. Redo. Respect.

To illustrate the differences I'm talking about, here is the comparison.







Higher purpose is written afterwards

Higher purpose is the driver

Communications are used to persuade, impress or seduce

Communications are used to empower & inspire

Owners are afraid of life with low income

Owners are not afraid of beeing poor

People work FOR the company, not for themselves

People collaborate WITH each other

Costs are lowered by buying cheap

Costs are lowered by buying less

Processes are the tool

Creativity is the tool

They are in a hurry

They are in balance

They have competition

They see every company as unique entity

Success is measured by monetary terms

Success is measured by monetary, cultural, social and environmental terms

Being sustainable in action means you are traveling roads less traveled. It means that maybe your path is not on the navigation system, but you are definitely enjoying the view.

In order to empower, I decided to share our own and other successful higher purpose driven stories with you. We will publish them on our blog, and deliver it on a regular basis to your inboxes if you SIGN UP to the latest selection from our blog in the Footer of this page.

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