I tell myself

Being self-employed means that I’m the person I have to lead most of the time. You can’t lead others, if you can’t lead yourself, right? And you can’t lead yourself without the right tools. The best lesson I learned is from the spunky young girl, named Pippi Longstocking.

"But who tells you when to go to bed at night and things like that?" asked Annika.

"I tell myself," said Pippi. First I tell myself in a nice friendly way; and then, if I don't mind, I tell myself again more sharply; and if I still don't mind, then I'm in for a spanking--see?"

Here are some pictures of my goals and habits visualized in a form of a moodboard to spice up my working place.

Writable Speech Cloud (88 x 80 mm/3,5 x 3,1'')

Writable Speech Cloud (30 x 21 cm/12 x 8,3'')

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