Yes. We are open.

Image by Ana Fensišmensi.

Open House Slovenia (OHS) has been opening doors to good architecture throughout the whole 2013. And just before Christmas and New Year holidays, the door opened yet another time – for the last time in 2013.

Due to a special time in the year.

We feel deeply honored that House A – the place of Kaaita and Biro Gašperič has been chosen for that special occasion. And we wanted to make something different this time. Something special!

And special it was!

Due to all of you, dear guests, that chose to pay us a visit. It was special due to all the positive energy and kindness you have brought into our home and workspace. It was so pleasant to get to know you, to talk with you, to be able to share our point of views, our values,... and, last but not least, to be able to toast with you with a genuine Nut Brandy. Your presence meant a lot to us. And we hope to see you again... soon!

Alenka and Matej.


All above images by Ana Fensišmensi.

It is so nice to see happy organizers of Open House Slovenia Christmas and New Year's event. Ana and Lenka – thank you – for everything. You are doing a great job and it is a pleasure and honor to work with you.


Helping hand and fantastic sense for aesthetic of our neighbor and best friend Špela is something, money can’t buy. Špela, without you, we would be probably, even today, still arranging everything. Thank you and a big hug!


And last, but certainly not least, we’d like to thank Ana from Fensišmensi. Thru her products-shooting work she did for us, she already proved herself by capturing true Kaaita spirit of the products Torbuschka XL and Wonder closet. And since this event meant a lot to us, we were extra-happy that she accepted our invitation and come to photo-document it. Ana, you have done a superb job. We appreciate it.


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  • Monika, bilo nama je v užitek. Hvala za obisk in navijam za vajino hiško.

    Alenka on
  • Naj se vama zahvalim še tu; hvala za topel sprejem in odprta vrata čudovitega doma, ki je navdih za ustvarjanje najine hiške :). Še naprej veliko kreativnih idej in dobrodošla na ogled tudi k nama (ko bo končana). Monika in Luka

    Monika on

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