The Real Point of Gift-Giving

As we enter this holiday season, it makes sense to pause for a moment and think about gifts. What’s the point of giving them?

Giving a gift is an old tradition, a custom with an important purpose: showing some respect. We give people gifts to show them that we are grateful for them and value the role they play in our lives.

But how do we show our appreciation appropriately? I guess size or value of a gift does not play a major role. I know people who’ve received very expensive gifts and jet feel severely under-appreciated. How come that many times gifts that cost nothing are better received?

A gift it selves cannot express anything. Only people do. And when we don’t express anything, neither do our gifts.

So…how can a gift make people happy? Appreciated? Loved? Respected?

Her is a simple suggestion.

Find what you like most about the person. Not for what they do for you. Not for what they help you accomplish. Not even for what they accomplish themselves. Make an effort to find out about what they truly are. And what they mean to you. Just for being who they are.

Than handwritten a message, tell them why you appreciate them.

There is no more powerful way to acknowledge others than to be thankful for them just as they are.

That’s why we, at Kaaita, decided to offer you some free add-ons in order to help you communicate your message. To help you make the people you care about, feel truly appreciated, respected and loved.

Welcome. Very.


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