Kaaita testing team

Kaaita’s products are a playful invitation in to the world of sustainability. They tell stories that inspire to live life that we want to live in. They are a pure joy for our team to imagine and design for a perfect customer. We do our best to make them a perfect fit to your lifestyle.

But what happens after products leave our nest? Were we successful? To get the much needed feedback we created a KAAITA TESTING TEAM. We invite or just happen to meet people who inspire us with their work or lifestyle. They try out our products in their day-to-day routine. That is how we get the opportunity to know more about their personal, intimate experiences with our products. Their feedback is like oxygen to us. It is an opportunity to get better.

We decided to share some of their photographed insights with you, our extended family. In this way, we are making our design process more transparent. Enjoy. Stay in touch. Follow updates on our board on Pinterest or tag #Kaaitatestingteam.

Work reminder. Fliike POP Speech Cloud.

My bag is bigger than yours. Thank you Ana Fensišmensi. We love you. Hendee XL.

Urša is literally thinking inside the box. Torbuschka XL.

4 very happy feet! Thank you 100% Alex. Copa Copa slippers.

Polona is using her both hands and feet to reach her home. Passionate red Hendee L.

Nice & bearable times at school. Fliike TEX.

Brother & Sister. Fliike TEX.



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